Sunday, October 30, 2011


Rest, ice, compression, elevation (plus ibuprofen, albeit begrudgingly) has been my mantra for the past day and a half and I think that I am starting to recover.

This is my life

Even though I haven't been able to run since my overuse injury diagnosis I did get to do some cross training today. While Mike was running (lucky), I went to the gym to use the stationary bike.

Even though it was around 10am on a Sunday, I was shocked to find out that I was the only one at the gym. This didn't last too long and some other people slowly trickled in while I was working up a sweat on my bike. I didn't even notice my foot pain the entire 50 minutes, except when my foot slipped a few times.

I covered a little over 13 miles and was happy that I had done something to work my muscles, especially since I haven't done anything in a week.

After I was done I went out in the parking lot to find Mike stretching near our car. We had decided that we were going to run 7 miles this weekend and even though I couldn't go anymore Mike went out for a solo run. When I asked him how it went he said that he wasn't quite sure because the Garmin died. Surprise, surprise.

He said that he had gone 3.75 miles by the time the watch died so we drove the rest and figured out that he had covered 6.75 miles, not bad! It made me feel good that he said he didn't like running by himself and that it felt weird to not have me there with him.

I changed up my R.I.C.E. routine a little bit when we got home and I took an Epsom salt bath to help with the little bit of bruising left on my foot. I also put heat on my foot for a few minutes because the doctor had said that since the injury happened a little while ago that heat might work better at this point. I will ice it tonight, though.

In other news, in addition to the Saucony Kinvara 2s that I bought (which are hopefully coming sometime this week), I purchased a pair of Saucony Mirages. By the way if you use the website runningwarehouse, Skinny Runner has a discount code!

I think that I am going to try to be a two pair or running shoes runner. My plan is to use the Kinvaras for shorter training runs and races and use the Mirages for longer training runs. I think that part of the reason I developed this injury is because the bottom of my Nike Free Run 2s were so worn out. I know that I should have gotten new shoes, but I didn't have enough time to get them before the half marathon and I didn't want to wear brand new shoes during a 13.1 mile run.

For fun let's see what the bottom of the Nike Free Run 2s are supposed to look like, shall we?


Here are what mine look like:

Worn out shoes

The worst spot, forefoot running at its finest

I'm hoping that rotating between two similar types of shoes will help slow down the process of my shoes getting worn out. Plus, both types of shoes provide a little bit more support than the Nike Free Runs and are more conducive to a midfoot strike rather than my current forefoot strike. Don't get me wrong, I loved my Nikes but I don't want to continually get injured!

What types of shoes do you wear? Do you use multiple pairs of shoes or just one?


  1. Glad to hear the foot is feeling a little better, Jamie!! Yes, heat for an injury that is about a week old is good. But, after you exercise, always put the ice on for 20 minutes. I remember one of the Schdy cross country coaches told me that that is the best idea to do after you have an injury- even when you are feeling better and running again, ice after exercising! The Garmin died... during Mike's run... oh boy! Isn't it the first time you used it since you got it back?!! Oh, and I'm gonna check out that running website too. I usually just wear my Saucony Omni's for all my training, and the Mirages for the track and for racing. Talk soon!!

  2. I'm glad that you are starting to feel better. I think two shoes thing is a great idea. I only have one running shoes, Brooks Ghost 4, but I hear that using two is a lot better.

  3. I had really considered getting the Kinvara, but I ended up with the Brooks Pure Connect. I am looking forward to your review on that shoe!

    I just got my second pair of running shoes. I was hesitant to shell out the money for another pair - I'm glad that I did.

    I can't believe your garmin died (again, right?)!

  4. I have a really tough foot to fit (very narrow) so I only use one pair - Asics really is the only brand that makes shoes in a true AA width that work for me. If they ever discontinue the widths, I am so screwed!

    Sorry you are injured...I hope you get better quick!