Friday, October 14, 2011

Our 5th Race

Tomorrow Mike and I will run our 5th race!


This annual race gives runners the option of either doing a 5K or a 10 miler. Before we even finished the Bridge-to-10K program, we knew that we were going to run the 10 miler. We wanted to use Hal Higdon's Novice Half Marathon training program, but we weren't sure if we wanted to commit to a half marathon.

Once we knew we wanted to do a half marathon, I started to research potential options. We originally wanted to run in the Cape Cod Half Marathon, but scrapped that when I realized that Falmouth, Massachusetts is almost eight hours away from Rochester. I would have loved to run this race since it goes right past this lighthouse, but with the race on a Saturday I don't think it would have worked out too well.

Once we dropped that idea we decided on our current half marathon, which is one week before the Cape Cod half marathon. While I was looking at our training schedule I realized that the Run for Hospice ten miler would fall on our first (and last) 10 mile training run.

Even though it is technically a training run, Mike and I still want to race it. Since we are so new to running, our training runs (well, MY training runs at least) are so similar to our race times that we don't think it will jeopardize our half marathon next weekend (eek it is 9 days away!)

Using the McMillan Running Calculator, I determined what my possible 10 mile time could be based on the first 5 miles of our 9 mile run on Sunday (my fastest 5 miles yet).


According to the lovely McMillan, I should be able to do a 1:46.23 ten miler. That's a 10:48 pace. I think that I can go faster than that. Our average pace on our 9 mile run was 10:25 and I don't think that one extra mile would make me slow down too much. Plus, that is faster than what it projected for my 15K time and I doubt I would have slowed to an overall average pace of 10:33 in just .3 miles.

But, there is one thing that I am concerned about slowing me down this weekend.


I'm not worried about the rain or temperature, I can handle that, but the wind has me worried. Hopefully it won't slow me down too much!

Realistically, my A Goal would be to come in at 1:40.59, which is 10:06 pace.

Since that may be a stretch, my B Goal would be to come in at 1:45.59, just a little bit faster than McMillan's calculations at 10:36 pace.

My C Goal would be to finish in 1:50.59, which is 11:06 pace. Let's hope that my new friend Mocha Clif Shot energy gel will prevent this from happening!

I just realized that each of my goal paces increment by 30 seconds!

Tonight, Mike and I are going to go pick up our race packets so that will be one less thing we have to worry about tomorrow morning. I'm really excited to run in this race and to hopefully meet this lovely lady who is running the ten miler as a taper run for her second marathon!

Are you racing this weekend?


  1. No race this weekend. I am running the Stockadeathon course with Team Utopia tomorrow morning- training run. good luck in 10-miler tomorrow!!

  2. I just e-mailed you! I don't think I'm going to make it to the race. The weather scares me a little too much, especially so close to my marathon. Good luck!!

  3. I hope everything went well with the weather!