Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Sucked it Up

Before I talk about tonight's run, I want to talk about my first Epsom salt bath.

Generic brand from Wegmans

One time while talking to my mom, most likely after my first ice bath, she said that she heard Epsom salt baths were good for minor sores and bruises. My parents don't have a bathtub but my mom ended up putting it on a towel and placing it on an area of her leg that had bruised from running. She said that it seemed like it worked.

Yesterday, I gave it a try. It was nice to be able to have warm water rather than ice cold water. I soaked for about fifteen to twenty minutes and when I got out it seemed like my feet didn't hurt as much as before. Unfortunately, the effect wore off more quickly than with the ice bath and I ended up icing my feet. I'm not going to give up on Epsom salt baths but I might pour the Epsom salt into my next ice bath instead.

Now on to more exciting news.

I sucked it up (literally) and tried Clif Shot energy gel on our 5 mile run tonight. I loved it! I got the mocha flavor that Mike had on our run last Sunday and it tasted great. Compared to Gu I thought the consistency was much better and it was easier to suck down the entire package. Normally, I wouldn't use anything on runs 7 miles or less but I had to try it before our race on Saturday (more on that tomorrow). I am so relieved that I finally found something that works for me!

Our actual run went really well too. While at work I mapped out a 5 mile route because our Garmin is out of commission for a little while. Mike wore our regular watch and we headed out around 6:45pm. I had to wear our headlamp because it was almost dark went we left.

Overall, I felt strong the entire time. I had to slow down a little bit because it started to rain and I didn't want to slip on the leaves scattered on the sidewalk. I felt like we were going at a pretty good pace and I actually enjoyed not really knowing how we were doing. I didn't even figure out where the halfway mark was, but we had a good idea because we have run part of the route before.

When we were almost at the end of our run, Mike said that it had been 47 minutes so I knew we were in good shape.

It's not a Garmin, but it will do

We ended up doing the 5 miles in 50:52 which is 10:10 minutes per mile pace! Not too shabby.

Then we came home to this:

I'm happy you are home, so I can get out of my crate!

Have you tried an Epsom salt bath before? Also, what time of day do you prefer to run? I am loving nighttime training runs!


  1. I actually have not tried an Epsom bath. I sort of want to try it. But I should try an ice bath first.

    Night runs are awesome in the fall. It feels freeing to run in the crisp air. And I find the dark comforting as long as I'm wearing bright clothes so drivers can see me. I usually go for an afternoon weekday run and morning long runs in the weekends.

  2. I am so glad you found a gel you like!! That will definitely help you keep your energy up in your longer runs/races!! Never did the Epsom salt or ice bath before- but I ice my achy areas all the time after runs!! And... how cute Bernie is!!!! I have gotten used to running at 6pm because that is when my team runs! We ran 7 miles of the stockadeathon course last nite. You must be excited about your race on Saturday!!!

  3. It's hard to say if it actually gave me energy (too short of a run), I'm still iffy on if it does much in that regard. I think it is more mental than anything, but since I found one that I can tolerate I will use it.

  4. Hey Jamie! I actually wasn't sure if you'll see it if I replied on my blog. So the run sounds amazing. However, it's in the middle of my final week and i'm not quite sure about my schedule. I am going to do my best to do the run. But let me know about any other runs you are doing around the area. I'd love to join you and your husband on a race.

  5. Oh and thanks for the website! I will definitely use it in the future.

  6. I use Clif Shot Bloks on long runs and there is a quick and noticeable difference in energy level. They easily get me through half marathons!

    Epsom salt baths are great for your muscles! Before long races I will soak beginning the day before and then will also soak afterwards. If anything, it's relaxing. :) - Kristin

  7. Kristin - I definitely agree about it being relaxing! I will most likely have another bath tonight before our race tomorrow.

  8. Rena - Not a problem, just let me know if you end up registering so I can be on the lookout for you!

    We are probably going to do some races during the winter, but none of them are 5K distances, but I will definitely put them on the blog under the Upcoming Races page!

    There's always the Lilac Festival 10K!