Sunday, October 9, 2011

I run for..

Cinnamon rolls. That was my motivation today during our 9 mile run (new PDR).

Last night Mike and I carbo-loaded on some pasta with turkey meatballs. I think it was the first time we sort of intentionally ate pasta the night before a training run. We eat pasta and other high-carb foods often so I'm sure it has happened other times too.


Earlier in the week we went grocery shopping and picked up another energy gel for Mike, this time the Clif brand, and a package of Shot Bloks for me. I went with the Cran-razz flavor hoping that it would work out better for me than Gu did last weekend.

Before our run, I separated the package into two ziploc bags because I only needed three "bloks" for today's run. Three bloks have the same nutritional value as one package of Gu and other energy gels. I also wore our hydration belt again with each of the bottles filled with water.

After eating our respective small breakfasts (two pieces of toast with peanut butter for me and half of an energy bar for Mike), we drove a short distance to a parking lot that leads to the 390 bike path. For you non-Western New Yorkers 390 is one of the interstates, I actually have to drive it every day to get to work.

Once we set out I felt like we were going a little fast and Mike actually said "we should slow down". We didn't really do that though until after 5 miles.

Take a look for yourself:

Lap 1 - 9:56 pace
Lap 2 - 10:09 pace
Lap 3 - 10:03 pace
Lap 4 - 10:08 pace
Lap 5 - 10:23 pace
Lap 6 - 10:27 pace
Lap 7 - 11:10 pace
Lap 8 - 10:55 pace
Lap 9 - 10:32 pace

Total Time: 1:33.46
Average Pace: 10:25 minutes per mile

We went fast enough to beat my 5 mile time! Our time after 5 miles was 50:39, which is even faster than our estimated time the other night when the Garmin died.

For some reason the Shot Bloks didn't seem to do anything energy-wise for me because around the time that we took them (4.5 miles) we started to go slower! I guess we had gone a little too fast in the beginning and I struggled a little bit in the middle of the run.

I'm not sure if I liked the Shot Bloks better other than taste. I really don't like eating while I'm running and I felt like I couldn't breathe this time because I was chewing. Mike suggested that I cut the bloks into smaller pieces, so I will try that next weekend during our 10 mile race.

Overall I am pleased with this run, I just wish my energy level held up a little bit better. I do think that the heat, it was around 71 degrees outside, didn't help me either.

Mike and I are going to finish out the day picking apples with two friends and then we are all going to our other two friends' house to watch football. Today is rivalry week in our fantasy league and Mike is going to kick my butt, oh well!

How did your weekend runs go? Do any of you have any suggestions for what I should do nutrition-wise during my long runs?


  1. It was hot out there today! I was glad I got my long run out of the way Saturday morning before it got too hot. Awesome job beating your 5 mile time! :)

    I still swear by shot bloks- I even used them for my 15 mile run yesterday! I wonder why they didn't work as well for you.

  2. The day before my long run I always make sure I drink lots of water. As far as food goes...I think I try to make a big effort to eat healthy the day before, with regular meals, lots of veggies.

    I think it has a lot to do with the time of day you run and all the other activities you've done leading up to that. Typically, my long runs are done on Sunday - the first thing I do all day - so I feel fresh. But on weekdays, with my others runs, it's normal for me to not feel so perky.

    Congrats on getting faster with your times!

  3. I think I am going to cut the Shot Bloks up into smaller chunks because it felt like I couldn't breathe while I was chewing them. I will give them one more try next weekend!