Wednesday, October 19, 2011

16th Annual Run For Hospice 10 Mile Race Report

On Friday night Mike and I met up at Grace and Truth Sports Park to pick up our race packets. The entire process took about five minutes and we got our bibs, t-shirts and course map. We also asked if they were going to have Gatorade in addition to water at the water stops, to which the reply was that they weren't going to have it. Neither of us thought that we would need it so we weren't too worried.

Since we had the course map and we had never seen the course before, we decided to drive the ten miles that night.


Our drive confirmed (since I was already semi-aware) that the course was relatively flat. There were some gradual inclines, but nothing as bad as the 5 mile race we ran in September.

After we picked up Mike's car from the sports park we drove to Target to pick me up a cheap watch. Since our Garmin was out of commission after Mike dropped it, he was going to wear our regular watch. This meant I needed a new one. I found one for ten dollars and then we headed home.

We had our typical dinner of pasta with marinara sauce and garlic knots. After relaxing for a little bit and taking an Epsom salt bath it was time to get to bed.

We woke up to the alarm around 7am. Mike got into the shower while I fed our pets and made my breakfast of two pieces of toast with peanut butter. Mike ate half of an energy bar. Once we were both ready we headed out the the sports park.

The weather wasn't as bad as it was supposed to be, which was a good thing! It was still pretty cold, though, and the walk to the starting line for the ten mile race was pretty chilly. We noticed that we were some of the only people wearing shorts and t-shirts, but we knew that most of those people would get too hot during the race. I do wish that I had a throw-away long sleeve shirt or someone to hand a sweatshirt to right before the race, oh well!

After doing a brief warm-up run/walk to the start, we stretched and got behind the starting line for the race. The race director kept saying "20 seconds" for what seemed like 5 minutes. Finally, we heard the count down and then we were off!

As is typical of our races, I knew that I was going to be by myself. I am more mentally prepared for that now compared to the first time that Mike left me during a race.

The first mile flew by! The 5K participants were all lined up on the side of the road waiting to start their race and cheered us on as we ran by them. Before I knew it, I was at the first water stop indicating that I was at mile 1. My split was around 9:40.

For the 10 mile race there were water stops and split timers at each odd mile. As a way to get myself motivated I kept telling myself to just get to the next water stop and then I would be able to get a drink. I think it worked!

It started to sprinkle around mile 1 and didn't stop until around mile 3. I was just happy that the wind wasn't horrendous like it was supposed to be. When I reached mile 3 I was still under 10:00 minute per mile pace! My 5K time was around 30:40.

This was when I started to run alone, literally. There was a group of runners a few hundred yards in front of me and a group of runners a few hundred yards behind me. I just focused on keeping my feet light and easy and tried to catch up to the group in front of me.

When I passed the 4 mile mark, I knew that I would have to take my Clif Shot energy gel out of the back pocket of my capri pants soon. I also had my car keys in there so I had to be careful not to drop those! I held onto the the package for a little while until I could see the 5 mile water stop in the distance. I sucked down as much of the gel as I could before I handed it off to a volunteer to throw away. I drank some water that he handed me and I couldn't believe that my time was still under 10:00 minute per mile pace! My time at the 5 mile mark was 49:xx (I don't remember the exact seconds).

I was shocked that I had been holding that kind of pace for 5 miles and I just told myself to keep at it. I was still alone at this point, but I was going strong. I hit the 10K mark (it was so nice to have all the signs) and it was 1:01:xx. Still under 10:00 minute per mile pace!

I finally caught up to some people in front of me and when I passed them I could hear the girl talking about cheese and food. At that point she said "oh sorry, I forget that people are running a race!". I turned and said "you are running it too!" She said something about how she knew that but here she was talking about food. It provided me with some comedic relief that I needed at that point!

Pretty soon after I passed them is when I felt the wind pick up and start to hold me back. I would have to say that the 7th mile of the race is when I lost my sub-10:00 minute pace. Mike even mentioned later that the 7th mile was the only time he went above 9:00 minutes.

I willed my legs to keep going and got through the mile 7 water stop. The only other unpleasant part of this race is when I was in between mile 8 and mile 9. The course has you run right by a waste management facility! Not a pleasant smell at the end of a 10 mile run!

Around mile 9, I just wanted to be done even though I knew I was going to be really close to my A Goal of 1:40.59. I wanted to see Mike and find out how he had done. My 15K time was 1:34.xx. One girl that passed me cheered me on and I told her that this was the longest I had ever run. She replied that it was the longest for her too! That gave me the final push that I needed to finish the race.

Right around 9.5 miles I chicked a guy! I saw Mike, got my photo taken by the race photographer and headed into the home stretch. My final time was 1:41.19, so close to my A Goal! Mike's final time was 1:29.23!

We stuck around for some of the food that was provided, but most of it was cold by the time we were finished! I didn't have very much of it and went back into the car to wait for Mike. He was nice and brought me an apple and Gatorade.

This was definitely one of my favorite races so far. I was so proud of myself and Mike for what we accomplished. Even though it was only supposed to be a training run, we decided to just go for it and see what we could do. I know that if the wind hadn't picked up around mile 7 that I could have kept up the sub-10:00 minute per mile pace.

I am ready for our next race!


  1. Running in the wind definitely can slow you down more than you think. Awesome job for getting in some sub 10 min miles. You are faster than you think!

    I love when I can talk to other people in the race. If everyone is quiet it just makes the run harder.

  2. Agreed the wind can be tough! But great job getting it done. I've actually never raced a 10 miler but it sounds like it would be a fun distance

  3. Wind sucks on a run. And great job on keeping a good pace. In the past two halves that I ran, my paces were all over the chart. And it's unfortunate that they didn't have gatorade. I LOVE gatorade during races. It goes down easier than a energy gel or anything else like that.

  4. Congrats on the race and being so close to your goal time!! I wish I could have been there! We will have to find a fun Rochester race to do together soon! :)

  5. Awesome run got some positive thoughts from this race to help you through your half marathon this weekend!! Congrats on such a great time!!