Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stretch, Strengthen and Run

I've mentioned how Mike and I are using Hal Higdon's Half Marathon training program and that we, for the most part, stick to the program.  Well, that's sort of true, when it says "RUN".

You see, every Monday we are supposed to stretch and strengthen.  For the first five weeks of training let's just say that it's "stretch and strengthen" = 5, Jamie and Mike = 0.  That's right, we haven't stretched nor strengthened on Mondays.  But we have a semi-good reason, Mike didn't have a gym membership until last Thursday.  I know, I know, we could have used soup cans or laundry detergent bottles at home but that just isn't the same.

As we entered into our sixth week of training yesterday, that all changed.  We have finally stretched and strengthened.  We hit the gym after I was done with work and did two sets of 10 reps on each of the leg machines and two sets of 15 reps on each of the core machines.  Plus, we stretched before and after we worked out (the same thing we do on days we run).

Hopefully, we will make more of an effort to actually include strength training workouts in our routine.  We are supposed to strengthen twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, so we will probably alternate between legs and arms.  We should try to do core exercises both days, but I'm sure that we will modify it as need be.

There weren't any pictures from our gym adventure, but I will try to bring my camera next time to snap some photos of us breaking a sweat.

Now the "run" portion of this post.  Mike and I were able to take advantage of my recent decision to defer my enrollment in a second Masters program and run in the afternoon today.  I unfortunately (or fortunately) made the decision to defer after my schedule at work had been finalized to fit around my class schedule.  So, I now have a huge gap from noon to 4pm every Tuesday. 

I should also mention that Mike and I do not have set times that we run everyday.  Sometimes we run in the morning, sometimes we run at night.  We primarily run when it fits our schedule and when it is the coolest outside, so far this has worked for us. 

We headed out to the Canal Path (or the Erie Canal Towpath for people not from Rochester) and did our 4 mile run near Locks 33 and 32.

We have taken many walks on the Canal Path and did one or two of our Couch-to-5K (C25K) runs on a different portion of the trail.  Today while we were running I remembered that Mike and I had even run on the Canal Path a few years ago (when we were really out of shape) and I could barely handle it.  Funny how far I have come since then!

Here's a breakdown of our run today:

Lap 1 - 10:18 pace
Lap 2 - 10:24 pace
Lap 3 - 10:17 pace
Lap 4 - 9:47 pace (whoa! Where did that come from?)

Total Time: 40:45.90
Average Pace: 10:11 minutes per mile

The only real issue I had during this run was that my left foot was bothering me in the beginning, but that subsided after the first mile and I was running normal from then on.  It was also an "out and back" route, which surprisingly didn't bother me today.  Maybe seeing two Great Blue Herons and the nice scenery helped.  I still prefer routes that I do not have to run by the same thing twice, though.    

This time is our fastest for a 4 mile run, so I am happy.  Plus, we negative split!  I just wish that we had gotten a little closer to a sub 40 minute time, oh well there's always next time!

That's all for now.  Do you have a set schedule for when you run or do you just try to fit it in where you can?

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  1. I run by when I can... and when I can run with my team, Jamie!! I am glad I was finally able to see your blog!! We had to stay almost hour and half late at work today because there is so much flooding by rivers around here, that they thought we might have a disaster. I am going out to run in little while. Have to run around here because roads are gridlocked with people trying to get home different routes than bridges. Was supposed to run with my team on colonie bike path! You guys are doing great- keep up good work!! I should be doing weights too- but hardly ever do them- will start again soon at my gym!