Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sodus Bay Lighthouse 5K Race Report

As soon as Mike and I got home from our first ever 5K (not counting cross country my freshman year of high school), I got on the computer and looked at some other races in the Rochester area.

What I saw was the perfect race for us, it combined running and one of our other loves, lighthouses.

This lighthouse is the main feature of TD Bank Beach to Beacon 10K

We have seen close to 75 lighthouses, yes, we are a little obsessed!  So when I saw the Sodus Bay Lighthouse 5K I knew that we had to register.  We actually printed out the registration forms that day and dropped them in the mail, I guess we were excited.  

The race was exactly a month after the RSD River Ramble and at that time we were on the third or fourth week of the Bridge-to-10K running program.  Since we ran our first race without stopping, I had high hopes of doing the same for this race.

On this particular Independence Day, I remember it being really HOT.  I was a little nervous about this because I do not run well in the extreme heat.  I tried to take my mind off of it while Mike and I stretched.  We also decided to do a very short warm up run from our car to the starting line of the race.  The one thing I don't like about races is the cold start.  Mike and I still walk a little bit before we get going and I am always worried that I am not going to be warmed up enough.  

After some last minute registrations, we all got ready to start the race.  At the sound of a cop car's siren, we were off!  Unlike our first race, this was not a complete out and back course.  

Mike and I only ran together until the fire department on Bay Road.  At that point there had been a pretty decent sized downhill and he later told me that it just carried him away.  I was a little upset that we weren't running together but there wasn't anything I could do about it.  

I was already really hot by the time I made it to the first water stop.  It was probably around 85 degrees out and there were barely any clouds in the sky.  I just focused on putting one foot in front other the other.  

There I am #46

Mike says that he saw me during the loop portion of the race, but I didn't notice him.  There were a few people cheering us on and saying thank you for supporting the lighthouse.  I remember that a lot of people were walking and I just tried to pass them.  

I had no idea how long I had been running because Mike was wearing our stop watch (no Garmin at that time).  Luckily, the second water stop finally appeared and I had never been so happy to get two drops of water out of a paper cup.  One complaint about this race was the water stops, there weren't enough of them!  If it wasn't extremely hot outside I could have managed a 5K with just two stops, but I was dying.  The other complaint was that there weren't any mile markers so I had no idea how much I had left.  

I finally saw Mike when I approached the parking lot.  At this point I was so hot that I had to stop and walk a few steps.  I got going again and didn't stop and walk again until the hill at the end of the course.  I'm not sure who thinks it is a good idea to put a hill at the end of a race, but I'm not a fan. 

Mike cheered me on to the end and I crossed the finish line in 31:44, faster than my previous time!  Mike's time was 28:30!  Using a pace calculator I figured out that my average pace was 10:12 and Mike's was 9:10. 

I've since beat my official 5K time and "raced" to a 31:01 finish.  I really can't wait to race a 5K again to see what I am made of, especially since we have had some sub 10:00 minute miles in longer training runs.  We are thinking about doing the Cardiac Classic on Thanksgiving and if we do I'm hoping for a sub 30 minute 5K!


  1. Most of the time I'm out of the Rochester area on July 4th or I would LOVE to run this race. Maybe next year I'll make it back in time! Looks so pretty but the heat sounded brutal.

  2. Yay!!! I was hoping you guys would think of doing Cardiac Classic!!!