Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seven Things Tuesday: A Cold and Fall Television

Even though I didn't get very many responses to last week's "Seven Things Tuesday", I liked it so I am going to keep doing it!

This week's seven things (in no particular order):

New Running Capris

Over the weekend Mike and I went to Old Navy so that I could buy some shoes for work.  While we were there we noticed they were having a sale for "buy one, get one 75% off" and you could mix and match items.  Mike told me to look for something else and I found these new capris and I'm excited to wear them on an upcoming run!

Fall Television

Over the last week the fall television schedules started!  Some of the shows that Mike and I are watching or DVRing are Mike & Molly, 2 Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, The Big Bang Theory and Up All Night.  Of course the Yankees and football games are mixed in there too.   

Recovering From my Cold

In my race report for our 5 mile race on Saturday, I alluded to the fact that I thought I was coming down with a cold.  Well, I did.  So these two things have been my friends over the weekend and the beginning of this week.  

Help me feel better!

Don't mock the gummy vitamins, they're good!  Plus, I used to take Flintstones vitamins and by used to I mean earlier this year.  

I'm starting to feel better so hopefully tomorrow I will be almost 100% back to normal.

Breakfast for Dinner

Tonight we had breakfast for dinner.  This isn't something that we do too often but it was tasty!  We had some turkey bacon (I only eat chicken and turkey) and waffles with cinnamon apple syrup from Schutt's Apple Mill.  Mike said that it would have been good with some vanilla ice cream on top and I have to agree!

Bernie's New Toy

After the race on Saturday we walked around the festival with our dog, Bernie.  There were quite a few vendor tables set up and Bernie got a lot of free stuff!  I can't wait to give him some of the treats that were being handed out.  We did end up buying him a new toy because the seller said that it was practically indestructible (we'll see about that).  Bernie is a tough chewer and has destroyed some toys in his short life.  So far this one has held up. 

This looks interesting

I hope that "Hurley" will remain in one piece for awhile!

Our Run Tonight

Was postponed until tomorrow.  Our schedules work out better the rest of the week and I figured taking another day off so that I can really kick this cold to the curb wouldn't be a bad idea.  We are going to knock out 5 miles tomorrow morning before work, though!

A Plea for Teammates (again)

Yesterday I mentioned how I really, really, really want to do this race.  

Today is no different, I'm still dying to do this race.  We have one person interested if we can get 4 other people to commit.  What could be better than 77.7 miles with 7 runners at 7am?  Not very much, in my opinion.  If you agree, join our team!

What were your seven things today?


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