Thursday, September 22, 2011

Party in the bathtub

I have been feeling extra sore since our 7 mile run last weekend, even with taking yesterday off.  I thought I would follow Ali's lead and try an ice bath after our run tonight. 

We stopped at Rite Aid to pick up three bags of ice on our way home.  The store associate asked us if we were having a party and Mike said that I was going to have an ice bath.  On our way to the car I said to Mike that I was going to have a party, in the bathtub! 

When we got home, I got right to it.  I took Ali's advice and got into the cold water first. 

  This isn't too bad...

Mike helped put the ice in the bathtub for me.   He made sure not to hit me with the huge chunks of ice!

  This water is getting colder... 


 All of this for the love of running

I'm not sure how long I sat in the bathtub, probably about ten to fifteen minutes.  Once the water started to drain out of the bathtub, I took that as a clue that I could get out!  Overall the experience wasn't bad, but I'm not sure how often I will have ice baths.  I'm all for trying anything at least once! 

Another motivating factor for trying the ice bath was our upcoming race on Saturday.  I want to make sure that my legs feel fresh on race day.  We are running in Lollypop Farm's Barktober Fest 5 mile race and we are really excited about it!  

We got one of our cats and our dog from Lollypop so it will be nice to support the organization.  Bernie, our dog, is coming with us and will be watched by a "barking lot" attendant while we race.  After we will take part in the festival with him, I'm sure we will have lots of pictures!

Our run tonight was slow because of the upcoming race and the soreness I have been experiencing.  We did 4.5 miles and it was getting dark after about two and a half miles.  All of our splits, except the first mile, were above 11 minute mile pace.  I wasn't too worried about that because we had intended to take it slow.  Hopefully the extra rest day, slow run and ice bath will make it so that we have a great race on Saturday.
Have you ever had an ice bath?  If not, would you?  What other crazy things have you done for running?


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