Thursday, September 8, 2011

One of THOSE days..

Yep, today I had one of those days.  The day where you feel like everything is going wrong.  We didn't get to start running until after 7:30pm and it was already starting to get dark.  We were supposed to do 4 miles but as soon as we got going I had a feeling that I wasn't going to make it.

My feet hurt, I felt like my legs were made of lead, that I weighed 500 pounds and I was getting a stomach cramp.  I didn't believe Mike when he said we were going above 12 minute mile pace, but the Garmin doesn't lie.  At least in the end we got below 12 minutes.

Here's the nitty-gritty (not that I want to share it but then the blog wouldn't be true to life):

Lap 1 - 11:22 pace
Lap 2 - 12:22 pace

Total Time: 23:43 (ouch)
Average Pace: 11:52 minutes per mile

Obviously it was not meant to be tonight.  It's ok though since we were supposed to run 2 miles last night and we didn't do it.  We will just have to get in our 4 miles some other day this weekend and I know we will run like champs!

Plus, before we attempt another nighttime run I want to purchase one of these bad boys.

That's right, I want to purchase a headlamp before we trek out into the darkness again (don't worry it wasn't that dark by the time we were done tonight).  I'm hoping the fact that it is my favorite color will help me get over wearing this on my head.  If I happen to wear this and the hydration belt at the same time, I will be really stylish then.  

Once we got home and I stopped being mad at myself for messing up our run, we hydrated with some Nuun awesomeness.   

Yucky pre-Nuun water

The water getting Nuunified

Much better!

While drinking Nuun doesn't make everything better, you could say that it helped me get over my frustration.  

Plus, Mike and Bernie got in on the Nuun fun (that would be better if it was pronounced "nun" not "noon", oh well). 

Getting his Stawberry Lemonade Nuun ready

Bernie, would you like some Nuun?

The funniest part was when Bernie jumped up at the Nuun container, he must of thought that it looked pretty appetizing.  

What do you do to get over runs on "those" days?


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