Sunday, September 4, 2011

A New 10K Time

This morning Mike and I had to run 6 miles according to our training plan, Hal Higdon's Novice Half Marathon training program.  We are on the fifth week of this program and so far it has been working really well.  We have made some changes along the way (primarily combining the three mid-week runs into two runs) but we try to stick to the plan as best we can.

When I saw that we had to do 6 miles, my first thought was that we should try to beat my 10K time (of course Mike's is about 10 minutes faster than mine).  The day we ran that 10K it was about 85 degrees outside so I felt like I was about 100 degrees (I will have race reports eventually, even for the races we have already done).  Mike and I only ran together for the first mile and then I was "alone".  I had to walk a few times and ended up doing it in 1:11.34 which is about an 11:33 minute per mile pace.  Mike and I have been running faster than that most days (unless it is extremely hot, then I slow us down), so I hoped we could beat that pace today.

We headed out to Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester where many famous people are buried, such as, Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass.

Here's a screen shot view of the cemetery, it's the gray portion

Unfortunately, I don't run with a camera.  I would have no idea where to store it and I would not want to hold onto it for even a mile.  Eventually I will figure out a way to take pictures during training runs.  If I wear our hydration belt, I might be able to fit our point and shoot camera in the pouch.

Here is the technical run down (haha) of our run today:

Lap 1 - 10:52 pace
Lap 2 - 10:40 pace
Lap 3 - 10:55 pace
Lap 4 - 11:28 pace
Lap 5 - 11:06 pace
Lap 6 - 10:56 pace
Lap 7 (.21) - 11:04 pace

Total Time: 1:08.13
Average Pace: 11:00 minutes per mile


Mt. Hope Cemetery is quite hilly in some parts and unfortunately I am not a big fan of hills.  At the end of our first mile going into the second mile we were running up a really steep hill.  Mike didn't look at our average pace for the first mile but while we were still running up the hill he looked down and it said we were going a 16 minute pace, yikes!

For some reason I needed to go a little bit slower after we finished half of the run so that is why miles 4 and 5 are quite a bit slower pace.  That was also part of the run where we left the cemetery and headed out on the road.  We ended the run in the cemetery, though.  Even with all the hills and needing to go a little slower, I have a new "unofficial" 10K time!

In terms of our nutrition (which we are still figuring out as we go), we hydrated beforehand and I didn't wear the hydration belt during this run.  When we finished stretching after our run, we each had a Clif Bar.  Mike had Chocolate Brownie and I had Peanut Toffee Buzz.  Mine, which I should have realized by the name or reading it more carefully, had 50mg of caffeine in it.  I was a little worried about that, but I didn't even notice and probably needed a little bit of caffeine after all that running. 

When we got home we each had 16oz of water with a Nuun (pronounced "noon") tablet added to it.  I had the Strawberry Lemonade and Mike had the Tri-berry flavor.  They taste pretty good and I like that it has no sugar and only 6 calories per two servings.  I think that it does a great job of hydrating and since it is replacing lost electrolytes it should help reduce cramping and soreness after our long runs.

Nuun <3

Well there you have it, our six mile run that is now my new 10K time!  I hope everyone else had great training days (or rest days since those are important too).


  1. I think you might keep up your pace a little better in your longer runs if you either had something to eat beforehand or ate gels/goos/swedish fish(!!) every 2- 3 miles. Just a suggestion.

  2. Once we get to 7 miles and above we are going to start figuring out our nutrition during our runs as well. Since we have done the 6 mile distance without food during it we didn't feel the need this time (I do think that the hills were what made it so that I needed a break). We do already have Gu so we will try that to make sure we like it and that it works for us. Basically still figuring it out at this point.