Sunday, September 11, 2011

A good run and a day of remembrance

Today is September 11, 2011.  Ten years ago I was a junior in high school and I was in English class when we found out that the north tower of the World Trade Center had been hit by an airplane that had been hijacked by terrorists.  Later in the day I had Marine Biology and we all just sat watching the television set in the corner of the room while it projected the same disturbing images over and over again. 

I was 16 years old and I didn't really comprehend what was going on and why someone would want to do this to our country.  I was not personally affected (but really who wasn't in some way personally affected), meaning that I did not have a family member who died in any of the acts of terrorism our country was subjected to that day.  As the weeks, months and years went on I finally understood the tremendous impact that these acts had on our country.   

Today, ten years later, I am 26 years old and I strive to always remember what happened to all of the victims and heroes who gave their lives that day.  While it is not always in the forefront of my mind, I am reminded more often than not what our country went through.  Sometimes all it takes is a television special, a song, a graduate course on security and security technology or a book to bring back all of the memories of September 11, 2001 and the years that have followed. 

Never Forget - September 11, 2001

Now, the running portion of this post.  After waking up and watching some of the 9/11 ceremonies on t.v., Mike and I headed out to Genesee Valley Park (near Mount Hope Cemetery).  It felt quite cool outside so I decided to try out my new Nike capri pants, overall they worked out well but in the beginning I felt like they were falling down a little bit.  Having Mike's car keys in the back pouch may have had something to do with that, though.   

  New pants!

Today our running plan called for a 5K race.  That's great and all but we didn't sign up for one (hey, they are expensive), so we decided to just "race" on our own.

We used the Ten Ugly Men Festival's 5K race course, we actually ran the 10K portion of the festival this summer in July. 

 Course Map

We weren't entirely sure where the start was, since the 5K and 10K started at different places in the park, but lucky for us the "start" was still visible on the road. 

Why hello there :)

 Mike at the line of our "race"

The stats:

Lap 1 - 9:49 pace
Lap 2 - 10:08 pace
Lap 3 - 10:09 pace
Lap 4 (.1) - 9:11 pace

Total Time: 31:01.12
Average Pace: 10:00 minutes per mile 

I now have an unofficial new 5K time!  This run was 43 seconds faster than my best official time.  I wish that we could have kept up the sub 10 minute mile pace but overall I was really happy.  I will get under 30 minutes sooner rather than later!

I felt really good in the beginning and I think that the only thing that slowed me down were the hills.  Mike helped me get through them, but I really need to work on overcoming challenges during races on my own (since he runs ahead of me).  I know that I can overcome anything with him, but I need to do it without him too.  I can get through up to 6.2 miles without him, so I hope I can go 6.9 more miles to get through the half marathon.   

What did you do on this day of remembrance?  How were your weekend runs, any PRs?   

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  1. Hi Jamie! Nice thoughts on 9/11! I ran in Anniversary Run today.(40 years of Hudson Mohawk running club celebrated!) I ran 5.9 miles(two loops around SUNY Albany) in 51:35- little over 8:30 pace. I ran 10 miles total today, ran 2 miles before and after race. Of course, many of my TU teammates ran over 20 miles today- these are ones that are running fall marathons!! great run by you guys today!!