Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting off the Couch

Welcome to my new blog!  My husband and I already have a blog about another one of our loves, lighthouses, if you are interested you can check it out.

I wish that I had started this blog sooner in order to better document my journey "getting off the couch", but the present is as good a time as any.

Don't get me wrong, my husband, Mike, and I were far from overweight when we started running back in April, yet, for some reason I felt like we were living a more sedentary lifestyle than I wanted for us.  We were both extremely active growing up, we even met on our college swim team, but as life's demands took over we barely had time for exercising.

I had seen The Couch-to-5K (C25K) program mentioned on friends' Facebook pages, but I didn't really give it much thought at first.  As someone who loathed running, mainly because of the knee pain that it caused me, it didn't seem like the best option for me at the time.  For some reason, though, after our wedding in 2010 I really felt the need to become more active and saw C25K mentioned again on Facebook and thought, well, why not give it a shot?

That was in April, 2011 and since then Mike and I have completed two 5K races and one 10K race.  We have completed the C25K program, the Bridge-to-10K (B210K) program and we are currently using Hal Higdon's Novice Half Marathon training program to get ready for our first half in October!

It has not been easy, I almost thought I would have to give it up because of severe knee pain in the beginning, but I have run through the pain and learned how to run appropriately.  Even with diminished pain (believe me, I still get some pain but it is more "appropriate"), the challenges are a mile long (hmm, is that a pun?).  I do not fair well in extreme heat and it will be interesting to see how extremely cold weather treats me, I have yelled at Mike multiple times and he always graciously puts up with me, I am scared of trail running because of one bad run (the only time we did not complete a C25K run) and sometimes I wonder why am I putting my body and mind through this?

Then I remember all of the good times, running in Atlanta and Maine with my mom and Mike's mom, feeling proud of myself and Mike for completing our 5Ks and 10K, putting more miles on my legs than I have in years, feeling healthier and finally LOVING running. 

 Mike's mom, me, Mike and my mom before a run in Maine

Will Mike and I actually compete in an Ironman?  Only time will tell (but believe me, the seed is planted in my head at least), but this blog will document the journey that we take to get there and every race, training run, swim and bike in between. 

I hope you are as excited as I am!


  1. I am very proud of you both for "getting off the couch"!! You know how much I love to run and I am so excited to hear about all your experiences (good and bad!!)Plus I have to thank you guys for turning me on to the Garmin watch...I love it!!

  2. Thanks!! We are glad that you like the watch :)