Friday, September 30, 2011

First Treadmill Run

Today I got a text message from Mike while I was at work that said, "So I think I know what your answer's going to be, but what would you say about running on the treadmills tonight? I just wanna try it!!"

I responded, "OK. We can try it if you want".  He totally thought I was going to say no and I kinda wish I had, oh well it's over with now!

In my opinion, I think that most runners would come to this conclusion:

I really have to agree.  I've read that running on a treadmill is supposed to be easier than running outside, but man was I dying!  I didn't have the pace set much higher than what Mike and I normally do, in fact I was hovering around 10:00-10:30 minute pace most of the time, but I felt like I couldn't keep it up.  It's not like I was running up hills or anything either, my incline was at the lowest possible setting.  

I think one of the reasons that I was struggling so much was the fact that I had to pay more attention to not falling off the treadmill so I couldn't let my mind wander like I do while running outside.  Sometimes when Mike and I are going at a sub 10:00 minute pace, I will close my eyes for a few seconds to help me get through the tougher parts.  I couldn't do that on the treadmill because I probably would have fallen off!  

Most of the time I had one hand holding onto the handle bar.  I'm pretty sure this isn't normal and this thought was further confirmed when I didn't see anyone else doing it!  The last few minutes I was going a 9:40 pace but Mike and I have successfully done that while running outside.  

Then there was the sweat.  I honestly didn't think that either of us could sweat that much.  Isn't it supposed to be cooler with the AC?  I guess not this time of year.  Next time we will bring Nuun with us!

I wish we lived in an area where we didn't have to run on a treadmill but when the weather is going to look like this pretty soon, it is inevitable.  

Hello, Western New York

Overall, the experience wasn't that bad but I wish the 5 miles went by faster.  I also didn't like that my treadmill didn't give me my average pace at the end of the run.  My total time was around 51 minutes so I can estimate what my average pace was at least.    

I'm hoping that we won't have to use treadmills too often this winter.  We will use the indoor track when we can and also run outside when the weather and road conditions allow it.  Cold weather running gear is going to be necessary pretty soon!

What's your opinion of treadmills, do you love them, hate them or are you indifferent? 


  1. Being a beginner at running outside, I like it more than treadmill only because I've discovered some nice trails I can run on. When I've run inside on the treadmill, I can only make the time go fast when I rent a series of some sort from Netflix, something I've never watched before, and watch it while running. Or, I DVR my favorite tv shows (Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, etc--notice they are activity driven shows--good motivation to keep going!) and watch them while on the TM. That way, I can fast forward thru the commercials too. You need to either post a review of outdoor cold weather running wear, or find some links for a review...would love to know what people use!

  2. Hey Suzie! I will definitely try to do a review of cold weather running gear, I know that I like my capris so far but those are more for fall weather. Maybe some other people will chime in about what they like to use.

  3. Hey Jamie! I came across your blog through AliontheRun. Love your enthusiasm for the sport and have enjoyed reading about some of your past races!

    As for treadmills, I really loathe them because I hate feeling like a hamster on a wheel; but I also hate upstate NY winters! I'm going to put my big girl running pants on this winter though and just fight through it - if it doesn't kill you it'll just make you stronger, right? I'll probably regret saying this once January hits!

    It looks like we have some overlapping races. There's a very good chance I'll be doing the Fall Foliage half on 10/23 - I'm just waiting to register to see how I feel after next weekend's Mohawk Hudson half. The Stockade-a-thon is also on my list since I wimped out last year (weather - boo!). And if you're still looking for some runners for the Geneva relay let me know!

  4. Hey there! We still need 3 runners for the Seneca 7 so if you are definitely interested let me know!

    I think my Mother-in-law is running the Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon, she's also doing the Fall Foliage with us.

    Hopefully I will see you at the Fall Foliage or the Stockade-athon!

  5. I just set up the email address so if you want to email me you can!

  6. I always get the worst cramps when I run on the treadmill! And I second that it feels harder somehow.