Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't Yell at Me While I'm Running

Or honk your horn, catcall or "woo" at me while you're at it either.  Especially when my husband is only a few feet away from me.  Even if he wasn't, don't do it.

I'm sure that many women out there can relate to this and I just don't understand it.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes a little cheering is great, like the time one of my coworkers yelled out "good job guys" to Mike and I while we were running near my place of employment.  At first I wasn't sure if it was her or not but either way that type of yelling made me feel good.

During our short running career, I have had numerous guys yell, honk or whistle at me while I am running.  Again, with Mike RIGHT there.  Most of the time I will yell back at them, which sometimes gets me in trouble, or on the rare occasion, like this morning, I will ignore them.  Those guys were lucky I didn't feel well.  

One time, Mike and I had this girl yell out at us, with a cop car right behind her mind you, "run, Forrest, run".  I was not pleased.

Am I too sensitive?  Probably, I am a Pisces after all, but really is that necessary?

We've had other people say unnecessary comments to us while we are running, like a few weeks ago when we had our awesome run someone said "feel the burn" as we ran by him and his friends on the very little sidewalk space that they gave us.  Middle-school-aged kids have even yelled at us while running!

I know that it isn't going to stop, someone will always feel that, for whatever reason, it is necessary to yell, honk or whistle at women while they run.  I hope that if there are any men, other than Mike, who read this blog that you take what I have said into consideration.  If you really want to yell at me while I am running, maybe try "good job!" next time.  If not, just keep on driving by.

In other news, this morning's run was pretty uneventful.

I didn't feel well and it hit me hard after the first mile.  Our splits were basically 10:50, 11:06, 11:50, 12:06, 12:00 (just approximations and going off of memory) and our total time was about 57 minutes.  Not too bad for a 5 mile run, but I know that we could have done better.

I kept telling Mike to just keep going and as long as I could see him I would be fine.  He didn't really listen to me, which I appreciate, but I feel bad for slowing him down.  I hope that our 3 mile run tomorrow goes better.  I want to start consistently running sub 10 minute miles pretty soon and this cold is preventing me from doing that!

Now, am I overreacting or is it really annoying when people yell, honk or whistle at you while you are running (or walking, biking, etc.)?  Do you yell back at them or do you have more class than me and ignore them?

P.S. Still looking for some teammates for the Seneca7.. pretty please.


  1. I hate it when guys whistle and honk their horns! It's so rude and I don't get the point! I'm even more surprised that they would do it when you are running with your HUSBAND?! I don't understand people sometimes! Good job on the 5 miler! Have you tried doing some speed or track work? That could help you get consistently under 10 min/miles. :)

  2. @aliruns I don't understand it either! Thanks, the 5 miler went alright considering I didn't feel well. We haven't done any speed work or track work, but we should probably consider doing that sometime soon.